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Kourtney T|| 16|| avoidant personality disorder & selective mutism|| FC: Anna Kendrick || OPEN
Kourtney is a painfully shy girl, has been from her early childhood. Her father was an overbearing military man that believed women should be seen, not heard. He was verbally abusive to her as well as her mother. Upon waking one morn, she found herself alone with her Dad. One member of the family refused to be victimized any longer. Why Kourtney was left behind is not known. The girl lived in perpetual fear of rejection or being inferior. One slip up would result in being verbally berated. Her disorder progressed to the point that she refused to speak for weeks on end. It wasn’t till her Mother visited her one weekend, and witness how much her persona had deteriorated into a shadow of her former self that something was done. Insisting she be checked into Brookhaven, her mother intervened at long last. She was finally ready to take custody of her daughter, but she wanted her actual daughter not this pale impersonation. Brookhaven will either bring the girl out of her shell, or perhaps cause her to recede further into it.

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