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Justin Saunders || 17 || Severe ADHD & Compulsive Talker|| FC: Joe Dempsie|| OPEN
Justin is a busy body. His life goes a mile a minute, always has. Not only does he struggle with maintaining his attention , and keeping his hyperactivity in check, he is a compulsive talker. This doesn’t mean he is particularly loquacious, which he is. It means he cannot control what comes out of his mouth. He has no filter whatsoever. If it pops into his head he says it. Even if he doesn’t want to. This leads to a myriad if social problems. While irritating, his disorders have not prevented him from living a relatively normal life. That is until he was expelled for blatantly calling a gym teacher an “ignorant, bigot who perpetuates stereotypes, and wouldn’t know a brain cell if it smacked him on the ass then called him Suzy.” This alone might not have caused a ruckus, but when sent to the principal’s office he proclaimed he would not apologize to “that man who was at least three chromosomes from being a homo sapien.” Showing no remorse didn’t sit well with the principal. Justin’s parents did not know where else to send him. They figured Brookhaven would help him with his issues, so things like this could be avoided in the future; and also at the same time keep him in school. Hopefully, he doesn’t say the wrong thing to the wrong person. The consequences could be dire.

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