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Andy Brockington|| 18|| Dissociative Amnesia|| FC: Donald Glover || OPEN

Andy had always been known as the life of party. He had been a good kid; always got good grades, had a good family life, and got along with pretty much everyone…which is why everyone was surprised when he disappeared one night to check into to Brookhaven. Over the past year Andy had kept the fact that he in a constant cycle of forgetting and re-peicing his life together every couple of weeks. It had started out slowly; only minisule facts were escaping him, but when he started to lose entire days, Andy began to worry. Six months into the memory loss and gain process, he began keeping a life journal, to help him find his way back to himself. Even with the journal though it was too much to handle. When he found an ad for Brookhaven he immediately booked a plane ticket and left a note for his parents explaining where he had gone and why he needed to go there. Before the sun came up the next day, he was long gone…goodbyes were never a thing he was good at…


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